Lt. Dan Band: For The Common Good - Endorsements

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Movie Endorsements:

"A wonderful and inspiring chronicle of Gary and his fellow musicians as they journey across America and the world. But the real point of the film, as it should be, is to shine a much-needed light on those in uniform, whose tremendous sacrifices can never—and must never—be taken for granted."

–Jerry Bruckheimer – Hollywood Producer: Pirates of the Caribbean, National Treasure, Blackhawk Down, Remember the Titans

"A powerful and compelling tribute that continues to resonate long after the movie has ended. It is also that rare film that entertains even as it inspires. It's a clear reminder of my friend, Gary Sinise's talent and character. He's one of our "good guys"

–Ron Howard - Hollywood Director, Producer, Actor: Splash, Apollo 13, Ransom, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, A Beautiful Mind, Arrested Development

"A great film! I laughed and cried a little too!"

–David Zucker - Director, Producer, Screenwriter: Airplane!, Ruthless People

"What a compelling piece of work… very moving! A must see for all Americans… It leaves one feeling inadequate and certainly wanting to do more."

–Pat Riley – NBA Hall of Fame Coach-Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks, Miami Heat, President-Miami Heat

"It made me proud not only to be the Chief of Department of the greatest Fire Department but also to be an American!"

–Salvatore J. Cassano - Fire Commissioner, Fire Department - City of New York

"As a former commander of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, I have felt the pain and suffering of our troops and their families in a very up close and personal way. 'Lt. Dan Band: For The Common Good' has been a great source of support and healing for our Soldiers, and Gold Star families."

–Colonel Clayton M. Hutmacher, U.S. Army

"Truly exceptional and will have a significant impact on so many people across the Nation and the world!"

–Major General Robin Rand, USAF, Special Assistant to the Vice Chief of Staff Air Force

"Gary Sinise is the Bob Hope of our generation!"

–Major General John F. Campbell, Commanding General, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault)

"Jonathan Flora has delivered a moving portrayal of service and sacrifice! Connects in powerful ways with troops, first responders, and their families!"

–Sloan Gibson – President, USO